The Paraquat Helpline Launches On Over 30 TV Stations 

Consumers with Parkinson's disease are suing manufacturers of Paraquat, a widely used herbicide, due to concerns that exposure to the chemical may have contributed to the development of their condition. Paraquat is an agricultural herbicide commonly used to control weeds and grasses in various crops...

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Do Direct Response Advertisers Buy Connected TV?
Yes, direct response advertisers often buy avails from connected TV (CTV) programmers as part of their advertising strategy. Connected TV refers to television content that is streamed over the internet, allowing viewers to access it through smart TVs, streaming devices, or gaming consoles.
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Top Trends In TV Advertising Software
Programmatic TV Advertising: Programmatic advertising, which uses automated systems to buy and sell ad inventory, is gaining traction in the TV advertising space.
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ConsumerEXP Unveils Innovative Technology Solutions for Performance-Based Advertising
ConsumerEXP, a leading services and technology firm specialising in advertising and marketing solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking technologies designed to revolutionise performance-based advertising.
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QR Codes Help Measure Effectiveness of TV Advertising 
QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in television advertising due to their ability to provide a quick and convenient way for viewers to access additional information about a product or service.
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