• Launch Package for Emerging Television Programmers

    At ConsumerEXP, we begin each new engagement with emerging programmers (i.e., ad-supported, home shopping, or paid religion) as part of a launch package for related services. During this time, we’ll assist our customer in securing distribution through one key agreement based on mutually identified strategic initiatives. We then focus efforts on a targeted geographic location, distribution company, time of day, and platform type (i.e., Linear or Connected TV). We bring to each initiative expansive industry expertise in launching engagements, handling everything from deal sourcing and negotiations through legal issues, technology, and the design of key success metrics.

Distribution Services


We have thousands of contacts at domestic broadcast stations, cable networks, satellite and cable companies. We’ve also developed our own proprietary tools that allow for searches across geographic markets to help in narrowing and targeting distribution. Our clients benefit from both domestic and international reach along with the value in broad, global visibility.

Connected TV

As more devices and services enter the market, it’s increasingly important to stay connected to viewers who might be switching their current over-the-top subscriptions or discovering new ones. Programmers should add FAST Channels, Lightening App, and Roku through ConsumerEXP. In addition, the broadcast industry is rolling out ATSC 3.0. That’s why ConsumerEXP has been forging trusted working relationships and securing advertising licenses for years with some of the best technologies available. 


ConsumerEXP brings decades of experience with encoders, satellite, fiber, and FTP sites. Once a distribution agreement is signed by all parties, our team gets to work to ensure content is uploaded, streamed, or transmitted according to plan. We’ll also make your content discoverable on program guides.


Our team has executed hundreds of linear and Connected TV agreements in multiple countries. To this end, our attorney, as part of our standard service, will review each agreement before you enter into it.

Success Metrics

ConsumerEXP takes your success metrics—whether measured by Nielsen Media Research, household counts, web metrics, or direct response—into consideration as we negotiate your distribution agreement. We’ll also benchmark distribution goals against your audience requirements for each agreement.

Worldwide TV Application

ConsumerEXP has developed a database used by the company to develop the worldwide distribution strategy for programmers and
networks. The database contains information on 237 countries and territories. Below are a few selected examples of reports.

What our clients say

Michael Kokernak was our TV distribution expert at Hollywood Treasures. His industry contacts and deal making skills got us a nationwide television audience within a year. Today Michael is the first person I call when exploring new business opportunities.

Lee Jackson
Hollywood Treasures