• ConsumerEXP is a leading services and technology firm specializing in advertising and marketing solutions. We have developed groundbreaking technology to revolutionize performance-based advertising, ensuring efficient and effective TV campaigns for our clients.

Our Services

Pay Per Call

Advertisers only pay based on the duration of engaged consumer calls from Direct Response Television (DRTV) commercials.

Promo Code

Consumers can enter unique codes from TV  commercials into the advertiser’s website, enabling precise  measurement of campaign effectiveness.

QR Code

Advertisers pay based on activations or cash buys  received from QR Codes displayed in TV commercials,  providing valuable insights for future campaigns.


Unique phone numbers in DRTV commercials allow advertisers to pay based on activations or sales generated from each specific number, optimizing marketing efforts.

Cash Buy

Purchase TV commercial and use all our services and leverage our advanced analytics capabilities to determine cost per sale or inquiry.

Our Technology

Our technology grants advertisers unprecedented control and efficiency in their marketing campaigns on both linear TV and Connected TV platforms. By leveraging our services, advertisers can maximize their return on investment and achieve measurable results.

National and International Television Media Buying

At ConsumerEXP, we offer comprehensive national and international television media buying services. With our extensive network of nearly 5,000 contacts in TV advertising around the world, we can create live or recorded campaigns in virtually any country. However, our specialty lies in the United States market, where we have in-depth expertise and experience.

Web Logins and Performance Account Transactions

In addition to our cutting-edge technology, we provide web logins for advertisers and media outlets, offering convenient access to perform account-related transactions such as payments or refunds. Advertisers can also download a historical performance snapshot of their campaign(s) through our web log-in portal, enabling them to track and analyze the success of their advertising initiatives.

Our Advertising Services

ConsumerEXP's services encompass advertising distribution, marketing plans, and securing worldwide distribution for clients. We work closely with content owners and advertisers to define their value proposition through research reports and marketing plans.

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