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Cost-per-action Advertising

Grab viewer attention, connect with your audience, and influence consumer decisions with our best-in-class television advertising and web solutions that are custom designed using our software to deliver an optimal return on your investment. 

We begin with extensive research into your target market, collaborating with you to create a powerful television ad complete with digital elements. We can then manage television, Connected TV, mobile, and Internet distribution on your behalf, presenting you with options and recommendations based on your specific target market.


Pay-per-call Advertising

Attract more inbound calls and leads from viewers with powerful pay-per-call campaigns built right into your TV commercial. Pay-per-call campaigns are ideal for marketers looking to sell products or services through one-on-one customer engagement. The longer you engage your caller, the stronger your conversion and payout per call can be. Let us help you succeed through a full range of support services including: 

● Detailed reports on metrics like TV market, state, and time of day.

● Call classification of those converted and non-billable.

● Geographic location targeting. 


Pay-per-text Advertising

Because pay-per-text advertising provides exceptional engagement, these campaigns tend to provide marketers with a high response rate. As with any sales or advertising strategy including television advertising, text message repetition and follow-up are key to ensuring optimal response and conversion. We help marketers maximize their return by offering a full range of support services including: 

● Detailed reports on metrics like TV market, state, and 

   time of day.

●  Development of targeted follow-up text 

  messaging campaigns.

● Integration of your pay-per-text campaign and 

  e-commerce website.


Pay-per-click Advertising 

Pay-per-click advertising drives interested prospects to your website through a carefully designed sales landing page, where clicks can be measured, tracked, and optimized. Enjoy predictable ad payout based on unique clicks made into your specific web page. When an e-commerce component is integrated, payout is easily measured by unique clicks, telephone calls, and actual sales generated. We offer a full range of services to support your pay-per-click advertising campaign including:

 Detailed reports on metrics like TV market, state, and
  time of day.
● Hybrid reports based on clicks and generated sales.
● Seamless integration of your campaign with 

  e-commerce website reporting.


Measuring Results

Our reporting module was developed with the marketer in mind. Our reports, from call length to homes per order, are geared towards marketers who want to stretch their advertising budgets to reach even more customers in a cost effective way.  You can find these reports in your customer portal.

Based on customer feedback, we release new reports for your cost-per-action campaigns.
Call Length
Homes Per Call
E-commerce Orders
Call Length
Homes Per Call
E-commerce Orders

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