Home Shopping Networks Are Creating New Technologies For People To Shop

12.02.22 10:37 AM Comment(s) By Michael Kokernak

Electronic retailers are making it easy for customers to spend money

home shopping networks sell many products
Ordering your favorite product has never been easier

Television home shopping networks, like HSN, QVC, ShopNBC, Jewelry TV, and ShopLC, are adding new ways for consumers to shop beyond traditional television shopping. Some of the ways these networks are allowing customers to buy from their companies include:

  1. Online Shopping: Most home shopping networks have an online presence, allowing customers to shop on their website or mobile app. This allows customers to browse products, watch live streams, and make purchases at any time.

  2. Social Media: Many home shopping networks are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They use these platforms to showcase new products, interact with customers, and even allow customers to make purchases directly from social media posts.

  3. Mobile Shopping: Many home shopping networks have mobile apps that allow customers to shop on their phone. These apps usually have features like push notifications, live streams, and the ability to make purchases with just a few taps.

  4. Voice Shopping: Some home shopping networks have integrated with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing customers to make purchases using voice commands.

  5. Live Streaming: Some home shopping networks have started to use live streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live to showcase products and allow customers to make purchases in real-time.

  6. Subscription Boxes: Some home shopping networks offer subscription boxes, which are curated collections of products that are sent to customers on a regular basis.

  7. Shopping on Streaming Services: Some home shopping networks are integrating their channels on streaming services like Amazon Prime, Roku and Apple TV, this way customers can shop while watching the network on the streaming service.

These added ways of shopping provide customers with more options and convenience, as they can shop in a way that suits them best. By providing multiple channels of shopping, these networks are also able to reach a wider audience and increase revenue.

Michael Kokernak

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