Pay Per Call TV Provides Targeted Leads To Lawyers
Pay per call television advertising, where businesses pay for phone calls made in response to their ad, may become a more popular option for lawyers and service companies compared to internet advertising, like search.
09.01.22 10:01 AM - Comment(s)
Jewelry-themed home shopping network launches in six million homes in Canada on CHCH-TV
A United States-based television home shopping network has begun broadcasting in Canada on a part time basis into 6+ million homes.
07.07.22 10:23 AM - Comment(s)
Broadcaster's, through NextGenTV, will enable advertisers to interact with consumers
ATSC 3.0, known as NextGenTV, is the next generation of digital television broadcasting technology in the United States. It is a significant upgrade over the current ATSC 1.0 standard, which has been in use since the transition from analog to digital television in 2009.
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Explaining A Fast Channel 
A free ad-supported streaming TV service is a type of streaming platform that allows users to access television shows and movies without paying a subscription fee. Instead, users are presented with commercials and advertisements throughout their viewing experience
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United States Programmer Launches in the United Kingdom on TV Warehouse
Boston-based ConsumerEXP and London-based Charlotte Media Group Ltd. announce the agreement and successful technical review that has enabled a United States programmer to launch on one of the United Kingdom’s premiere infomercial channels, TV Warehouse.
10.15.21 02:49 PM - Comment(s)