MVPD Fragmentation Has Programmers Expanding Their Reach

11.01.22 11:53 AM Comment(s) By Michael Kokernak

Losing subscribers hurts but it is all about viewers

MVPD Fragmentation for cable and broadcast
Industry needs to rethink how it goes forward

Cable and broadcast networks have a few strategies for combating fragmentation and subscriber losses. One strategy is to focus on creating exclusive, high-quality content that is only available on their network. This can include original programming, live sports, and other events that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. By providing unique and compelling content, networks can attract and retain viewers, even as other options become available.

Another strategy is to invest in digital and streaming platforms, such as streaming services, mobile apps, and online video platforms. By making their content available on these platforms, networks can reach a wider audience and stay competitive with other streaming options. Additionally, by providing their own streaming service, networks can control their own distribution, and also have direct relationship with their viewers and can use data collected to personalize their content or offer.

Networks can also focus on building strong relationships with cable and satellite providers, as well as other distribution partners. By working closely with these partners, networks can ensure that their content is widely available and easily accessible to viewers.

Another strategy is to focus on niche audiences, such as targeting specific demographics, interests, or viewing habits, which can help networks attract a loyal and engaged audience. This can include creating content for specific age groups, ethnicities, or other demographic segments, as well as developing programming that caters to specific interests, such as sports, politics, or lifestyle topics.

Finally, networks can also consider investing in new technologies and innovations, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to create new and engaging viewing experiences. By staying on the cutting edge of technology, networks can stay relevant and attract viewers who are looking for the latest and greatest in television and entertainment.

Overall, cable and broadcast networks have several strategies for combating fragmentation and subscriber losses. By creating exclusive, high-quality content, investing in digital and streaming platforms, building strong relationships with partners, targeting niche audiences, and staying on the cutting edge of technology, networks can stay competitive and attract and retain viewers in an increasingly fragmented landscape.

Michael Kokernak

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