ConsumerEXP Unveils Innovative Technology Solutions for Performance-Based Advertising

05.21.23 09:35 AM Comment(s) By Michael Kokernak

ConsumerEXP introduces Pay Per Call, Promo Code, QR Code, Phone, and Cash Buy features

Boston, MA – May 22, 2023- ConsumerEXP, a leading services and technology firm specializing in advertising and marketing solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking technology designed to revolutionize performance-based advertising. With a focus on delivering meaningful consumer experiences, ConsumerEXP introduces Pay Per Call, Promo Code, QR Code, Phone, and Cash Buy features, providing advertisers with unprecedented control and efficiency in their marketing campaigns.

The Pay Per Call feature enables advertisers to pay based on the duration of calls made by consumers who have viewed their Direct Response Television (DRTV) commercials. This revolutionary payment model ensures that advertisers only pay for engaged consumers, maximizing the return on their advertising investment.

In addition, ConsumerEXP introduces the Promo Code feature, allowing consumers to enter a unique code from the TV commercial. Advertisers pay media outlets based on the sales generated from the promo codes, enabling precise measurement of campaign effectiveness and enabling advertisers to optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.

With the QR Code feature, advertisers pay based on the number of activations received from the QR Codes displayed in TV commercials. This technology streamlines the process of tracking and analyzing consumer engagement, providing valuable insights for future campaigns.

ConsumerEXP's Phone feature introduces the use of unique phone numbers in DRTV commercials, with advertisers paying based on activations or sales generated from each specific phone number. This innovative approach enables advertisers to launch campaigns with hundreds of unique phone numbers, ensuring accurate tracking of results and optimizing marketing efforts.

Lastly, the Cash Buy feature allows advertisers to purchase TV commercial avails for a flat fee. Once the schedule has run, ConsumerEXP leverages its advanced analytics capabilities to determine the cost per sale or inquiry across household viewers, households, or TV markets. This campaign model provides advertisers with full control over their spending and allows them to set specific targets for sales or inquiries.

ConsumerEXP's founders have a proven track record in delivering cloud-based advertising solutions and have been awarded multiple patents in the United States. Their expertise spans broadcast, cable, and cloud industries, with ongoing patent applications for clickable advertising technologies. The company's extensive global presence, with consultants located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Japan, positions ConsumerEXP to cater to clients worldwide.

"We are thrilled to introduce our latest suite of technology solutions that empower advertisers to achieve greater transparency, efficiency, and control in their marketing campaigns," said Michael Kokernak, President at ConsumerEXP. "These innovations reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional consumer experiences while driving measurable results for our clients."

ConsumerEXP's services encompass advertising distribution, marketing plans, and securing worldwide distribution for clients, leveraging the power of video cloud technologies. The company specializes in building cloud-based playout systems and works closely with content owners to define their value proposition through research reports and marketing plans.

For more information about ConsumerEXP and its innovative technology solutions, please visit  or contact Michael Kokernak at 617-315-2470 or

About ConsumerEXP:

ConsumerEXP, founded in 2018 and headquartered in Boston, is a leading services and technology firm focused on delivering advertising and marketing plans worldwide. With its expertise in video cloud technologies, the company builds meaningful consumer experiences and provides distribution solutions for clients across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. ConsumerEXP's extensive patent portfolio and deep industry knowledge have established it as a trusted partner in the performance marketing space.


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