ConsumerEXP Rolls Out Verify Benefits Campaign 

10.15.21 09:50 AM Comment(s) By Michael Kokernak

ConsumerEXP Rolls Out “Verify Benefits” Campaign for Addiction Treatment Industry

ConsumerEXP wrote, created, and rolled out a national television commercial that markets a cost-free helpline where consumers can get information on addiction treatment for their insurance. The hotline points people towards free government care as well as private facilities. The campaign is running in millions of households in the United States.

About ConsumerEXP

ConsumerEXP, founded in 2018, is a Boston-based services and technology firm focused on delivering advertising, marketing plans, and securing worldwide distribution for clients by leveraging video cloud technologies.  The firm focuses on building meaningful consumer experiences on behalf of its client base.

The firm’s principals and aligned consultants are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Japan.  ConsumerEXP’s reach extends beyond the United States´ border into Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. ConsumerEXP, on behalf of its clients, has secured distribution agreements, in other countries. 

ConsumerEXP’s principals have been awarded several patents in the United States for cloud delivered advertising solutions for the broadcast, cable, and cloud industries.  The principals have several patent applications still pending for clickable advertising technologies. 
The firm is experienced in building cloud-based playout systems for the distribution of advertising and long form content. ConsumerEXP also works with content owners to establish the value proposition of the service through the drafting of research reports and marketing plans. The company’s principals are also experts in the performance marketing space. 
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